We have some amazing Crafty Wave Kits
coming out this month!!

These kits are ideal for your classes - all the prep work has been done for you!
Each kit comes with step by step instructions, pictures of project, and worksheets all in a heavy duty reusable vinyl packet, ribbon, Crafty Wave bag and for most kits - the project piece. Each kit comes with two different designs.

1. Have your students sign up with Crafty Wave under your name.
2. Get them to order their kits by a certain deadline so that they have the kit in hand ready for your class.
OR You collect everyones money and order the kits for those signed up for your class - that will save them ALL on the shipping!
3. You provide loaner brushes, basins, double loaders and paint and everyone can create away!
4. FOLLOW ON CLASS ~ since every kit comes with two designs - find another project piece that would be perfect for the second design and offer another class!

Spring Purses
$11.40 each kit

Kitchen Wall Hangers
$10.16 each kit

Decorative Wraps CW116
$10.85 each kit

These kits have been a huge HIT with my grandkids! Boys and Girls! Kids and Teens!

Kids Personalization Station
$8.19 each kit

Teen's Personalization Station
$10.33 each kit

ALSO....brand new coming to you through Crafty Wave is My Canvas Party.
See Crafty Wave for all the fabulous kits that are available right now! More information about My Canvas Party coming out very soon!!!

Second quarter Crafty Wave kits have been created so make sure to check out the website often as they will start appearing by the end of each month!
Love, Donna