Welcome To The Crafty Wave!

You're invited to jump on the WAVE of CREATIVITY ~ that is what Crafty Wave is all about! Take the first step by signing up now at www.craftywave.com ~ it's completely free to sign up. To activate your Crafty Wave membership all you have to do is place your first order (if you haven't already). For those orders you receive Reward Points so make sure to check out those details on the website.

There has been a WAVE of excitement around Dewberry Crafts for almost a year now creating and developing this new opportunity and program! I'm looking forward to this new division of Dewberry Crafts ~ we know it's going to send waves of fun through the crafting world! Let me tell you a little bit about how Marc and I came up with the Crafty Wave concept.

For many many years now I've listened to my painting instructors all over the world tell me how much fun it is going into peoples homes or having people in their home to CREATE together! Getting friends around a kitchen table, enjoying great company and creating fun projects has always been one of my favorite things to do. If it wasn't with my children or grandchildren it's been with some friends around one of my many tables creating and having a good laugh that has made some of my fondest memories. Now, for Marc, he loves it when he goes to a store and they offer those reward programs - you know the ones that give you something for being a customer? He wanted to have the same concept and REWARDS program created for YOU out there that have supported our ventures as well as those new customers that are just finding us.

Crafty Wave - what it is and what it isn't:

What it is ~ Classes designed for you!! What it isn't ~Hours of your time deciding "what" to teach

What it is ~ Class kits straight from Donna!! What it isn't ~ Something you'll find mass produced in every store around the country

What it is ~ Share in the profits: build points to trade for products What it isn't~ monthly inventory requirements

What it is ~Monthly FUN & CREATIVE kits including One Stroke,Studio Clay and other innovative projects!

What it is ~The only place you'll be able to get my NEWEST technique WaterStrokes

For several months now we've been testing our new program with a very talented group of individuals. We've been so excited with the amazing feedback we've gotten from them and the even more amazing feedback they've gotten from their students, family and friends.

Not only will we be offering new and creative kits each month we've bundled some of our greatest products and plan to have MANY specials and promotions! You never know what I might come up with! Double points, extra savings, bonus items and more ~ all the more reason to check out the website daily www.craftywave.com. Make sure you also check out www.dewberrycrafts.com to keep up on our latest OS products and specials!

Check out my blog here to see if I'll be in your area for a painting workshop or Crafty Wave event!

Again, Welcome! I look forward to riding this wave of creativity with you!

Love, Donna