Crafty Wave News!

Hi Crafty Wave Members,

Happy Fall! We hope you are all enjoying the kits and other products through Crafty Wave and judging by your orders we believe you are!

We've been working on a lot of new kits, projects and promotions and will be sharing those with you through our email blasts and here at our BLOG. Our e-mail blasts will start soon so until then you'll want to make sure that you check out the website daily, as there might be ONE DAY SPECIALS or promotions for that day only and I don't want you to miss out!

We're excited to tell you about some video "shorts & tutorials" that will be appearing on the website soon. These videos will give you more information about a product or technique and there will be many more of these to come.

Did you know there is a CW Member Forum on the Crafty Wave website? Go to the Community Button in the top right corner of the website and then click on the forum button. It's a place where you can ask questions or give suggestions and tips. We know there are a lot of creative and talented people in the Crafty Wave community and we think it will be a great resource for you all.

Did you know there are pre-decorated post cards on the CW website that you can print off and send to your students? You'll find these under the "My Account" button - and then click on Printable Flyers. These are colorful and professional and will be a fabulous promotional tool for inviting people to your classes and events. We are creating more of these to help you reach out to your students and potential students.

Our number one question at this time has been:

"Where is the WaterStrokes Medium that Donna talks about on the WaterStrokes Kit DVD?"

Well, we were hoping at the time of taping the DVD that the WaterStrokes Medium would be available; however, the chemist is still working on it. Water works well with this new technique of Donna's. She used a sample of the medium that the chemist gave her and she really liked the results ~ but wanted it to really add that extra something to the technique ~ until it's perfected use water for best results! Also note that the medium isn't included in the cost of the kit. When it's available you will all be the first to know! Make sure to check out the website and blog for more information on this and other products.

Crafty Wave Kit Special ~ Limited Time ONLY!

When you order ALL of the CW106 kits (CW106, A,B,C) at one time you get them all for $42.75. They have to be ordered all at the same time without exceptions and no additions to orders previously placed.

These will make fabulous gifts with all the components, painted and ready to be hung in someone's home! Until there is a Special Kit Button on the website please call the office at (352)394-7344 to order this kit at the Special "Limited" Price!

Crafty Wave Kit Spotlight

WaterStrokes Holiday Cards

Want to make your own Christmas cards this year? We have the perfect WaterStrokes kit just for you! Kit CWWS-03 Holiday WaterStrokes Cards has 8 different designs that are super easy and quick to create. In the kit there are 8 watercolor cards and envelopes as well as 8 pre-printed designs for you to paint, cut and place on the cards. You'll love the original designs included in the kit and the colors are so vibrant they are sure to put you in the holiday mood.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend creating!!

We also have many specials going on right now over at that you'll want to check out too!

The Crafty Wave Team at Dewberry Crafts